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Our Traffic:

The average number of hits per month = 55697 (at 1 August 2008) and 82431 page views.

Traffic up to 1 August 2008 = 779759
Traffic with reloads up to 1 August 2008 = 1159974

The main bulk of the traffic comes from USA, UK and Canada.

What We Guarantee:

Though the traffic should be many more (see above) we guarantee 20,000 visitors will see your advert in a month - this does not include reloads, there will be many more page impressions.

If the unlikely happens and we do not receive 20,000 visitors your ad will stay in place until the figure is reached.

Text Links:

A link on Celebrity Insider, for 30 days, costs $14.99
Position: Right hand column under heading 'Celebrity Insider Links'

Text Ads:

A text advert with three words as a link plus 15 other words, for 30 days, costs $25
Position - Right hand column under heading of 'Celebrity Insider Ads'


A 125 x 125 banner (as supplied by you) costs $35.
Position - Four of these spots are available and are positioned in the right hand column under heading of 'Sponsors'.

How To Advertise:

To place an advert email together with the HTML or text for your advert. Payment to be made by PayPal.

We will send you our PayPal details on receipt of your email. Once payment is received your advert will be placed on Celebrity Insider and an acknowledgement sent.


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For more info / questions email